Find us in Playa Del Coco, Guanacaste Costa Rica

Meeting Spot: 

Turn at the Beach Entrance at the Deep Blue Dive shop (with the topless Mermaid). 

Then walk toward the sound of the Ocean & Meet Us on the beach! 

Someone will meet you in a blue Seabird T-shirt

 Tel: +506 8880-6393 

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Sea Bird Sailing Excursions 2019

What's Happening 

Countless homeless animals are out in the streets killing Costa Rica's natural wildlife such as squirrels, birds, and iguanas.

Countless homeless animals are being killed because people don't know what to do with the rapid overpopulation.

There are thousands of unwanted, homeless, hurt, and helpless animals here in Guanacaste and no shelters, humane societies, or ASPCA's.

Here at Sea Bird Sailing Excursions we do all we can to help stray animals that are homeless, hungry, and a threat to local flora and fauna. We know the importance of educating locals and tourists alike on the issues and how to address them. 

 You Can Make A Difference By Contributing Today 

Not all of their tails are happy ones.
Not all of our efforts are fruitful.
Not one animal deserves to go hungry.

Please Make A Donation

Make a One-Time Monetary Contribution of any amount – There is no amount too small when it comes to helping animals!